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Nerotenze Testosterone In such a case, the most important thing for the fair sex is to help the man not to complex, and instead of scoffing at the size, choose the most suitableposes . We offer you the following options: 1. A woman puts her legs on the shoulders of her beloved man. Under the hips you can put a pad. The back should be kept slightly bent - you can support it with your own hands. The hands of a man firmly hold the legs of the woman he loves, and then the actions are the usual frictional movements of varying degrees of pace. 2. A woman kneels down and then rests her hands on the foundation that has become the seat of a love game. The hands, according to your desire, can be straight and elbow bent. It is better not to spread the hips widely, and the back should be arched. The partner stands behind the woman on her knees and puts her hands on her hips. 3. You can focus on all known pose "rider". In this case, the man lies on his back, slightly spreading his legs to the side. A woman is traditionally on top, turning to face a man, however, during intercourse, she should bend her back the more, the better. If you want to give each other maximum pleasure, try using the poses with the deepest penetration, as well as try to change the intensity and pace of movements more often. If you love each other, nothing can stop you. Each person is strictly individual. The same can be said about the possibilities of his body. The load, which can be unbearable for one, will seem to another only a light workout. It depends on the general state of the body, especially the heart, metabolism, hormonal levels. There are a lot of reasons. Of course, all this is true with respect to the sexual possibilities of man. Any man, even the most calm and phlegmatic, deep down dreams to be a hero-lover, a sort of unbridled macho. Especially, listening to the boastful stories of a friend about what an unforgettable night he had - they say, fell asleep with a partner only at dawn, in exhaustion. However, in most cases, these stories are only the fruit of irrepressible fantasy.
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