Astros fan parks SUV in shopping cart rack in Academy parkin

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Astros fan parks SUV in shopping cart rack in Academy parkin

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Anyone who went to their local Academy sporting goods store right after the Houston Astros' World Series win knows that lines were impressively long.To that end, many fans parked wherever they could so that they could find a place in line to be some of the first people in Houston sporting new World Series championship hats and shirts.RELATEDCoca-Cola releases commemorative Astros championship can Over at the Academy location at 2404 Southwest Freeway in the Upper Kirby area, one die-hard drove their Toyota SUV into a shopping basket corral to get a choice spot in the parking lot.The headlights were on and the SUV appeared to be unlocked. Now Playing SI's Ben Reiter and Chris Stone look at how the Houston Astros were able to rebuild and explain why the players deserve a lot of credit for being resilient during the down years. Media Sports Illustrated The line to get inside the store was wrapped around the store and spilled out into the street behind the building itself just after the team won the whole enchilada. Some fans had begun lining up before the game started, while others straggled in as soon as they could find parking, legal or otherwise. Anything for the love of the Astros, closing out a season filled with heart, hope, and healing.Craig Hlavaty is a reporter for Chron and HoustonChronicle. He's an intolerable native Texan with too much ink in his skin and too much brisket stuck in his teeth He has an Astrodome tattoo on the back of his calf that he will show you.
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