Drew Brees is absolutely one of the most competitive players

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Drew Brees is absolutely one of the most competitive players

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At some point, you start to take these fantastic quarterbacks for granted.

It feels impossible to believe , but Drew Brees has been suiting up for almost two decades. When he was originally drafted https://www.cowboysdaclub.com/lucas-wacha-jersey-c-36.html, all the way back in 2001, the No. 32 overall pick took place in the second round.

A lot has changed since then, but Brees’ performance hasn’t been one of them. Routinely one of the NFL’s most dangerous passers, he has shown no signs of slowing down as he was just one heartbreaking play from leading the Saints to the NFC Championship Game last season.

Obviously, all careers must come to a close at some point, and Brees is certainly closer to the end of his than the beginning. But that won’t make him any less dangerous when he leads the Saints into a primetime game against the Cowboys this November.

NFL Draft Selected in the second round, 32nd overall, by San Diego in 2001

There’s no doubt about it, Drew Brees is absolutely one of the most competitive players in the game. He always believes he is in every game, regardless of the situation. He gives his team a chance to win each week due to this attitude.
He plays with passion and loves the game. Tremendous physical and mental toughness. Not the most gifted quarterback size wise https://www.cowboysdaclub.com/alfred-morris-jersey-c-38.html, but he gives everything he’s got each and every game.
The football intelligence is off the charts. He is not going to make a decision that’s going to get his team beat.
Limited arm talent and strength due to his size. He has to use his entire body to make throws down the field. Will come off the ground at times to make throws.
Brees’ accuracy is his best trait. He doesn’t miss passes. Can throw his man open. Has no fear in making the tight window pass. Plays with confidence.
Best passes are in the middle of the field. Plays with touch. Hits his guys on the move.
Will slide around the pocket in order to find throwing lanes. Again, due to his size, he has some trouble seeing over the line. Opponents that pressure him through the middle have the best success slowing him down.
He is always playing with poise. Doesn’t get rattled or knocked off balance.
Outstanding anticipation. He has a feel where he needs to go with the ball. Reads the defense quickly and makes things happen. Pressure player. Clutch. Is able to improvise when needed.
Benefits now from a powerful running game. https://www.cowboysdaclub.com/rod-smith-jersey-c-37.html Team plays with better balance, so it takes the pressure off him to have to make every throw.
Winner when it comes to the play action game. Can make fakes and then get the ball out in a hurry.
Type of quarterback that will make you pay for defensive mistakes.
2018 Outlook Much has been made about the emergence of Brees’ dynamic running game – and for good reason. Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram are a deadly combination Sean Lee Jersey, and they take the pressure off the veteran quarterback. But let’s not kid ourselves. Brees is still one of the top handful of signal callers in the game, and he gives the Saints a chance in every game he plays. The guy has thrown for 4,000 or more yards in every season since he arrived in New Orleans, and 2017 was one of his most efficient years to date, as he completed a career high 72 percent of his passes. The running game may have changed the identity of this Saints team ever so slightly, but their success still runs through Brees. The Cowboys will have their hands full when he comes to town on Nov. 29.
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