Steelers kicker Chris Boswell has no interest in talking

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Steelers kicker Chris Boswell has no interest in talking

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The year ended with Boswell on injured reserve with a groin injury and the subject of negative fan reaction after missing seven field goals and five extra points over the course of the year. On Tuesday Trace McSorley Jersey , Boswell said he wouldn’t discuss either of those things during a media session that also saw him brush off a question about what he feels went wrong for him last year.Boswell was willing to say that he appreciates that the Steelers have stuck with him and that he’s keeping his eyes on the future rather than the past.“I know I’ve gotta be better than last year, but I’m not even paying attention to last year,” Boswell said. “I’m focused on next kick. I’m focused on next Tuesday is my next team period. Just kinda going day by day Ed Oliver Jersey , kick by kick.”The Steelers signed Matthew Wright as an undrafted free agent and he represents the only in-house competition for Boswell in Pittsburgh. The Panthers were willing to not just sign a guy who kneeled during the national anthem, they extended him. So obviously it wasn’t bad for football, or their bottom line.But now-secured safety Eric Reid was not optimistic about the chances of the guy he used to kneel next to.Via Joe Person of , Reid expressed skepticism about Kaepernick’s future moments after signing his own three-year extension with the Panthers.“Knowing what I know, my hope tank is on E,” Reid said.If he wasn’t sure Devin Singletary Jersey , last year should have been all the evidence he needed.With guys such as Josh Johnson (Kaepernick’s old backup who hadn’t thrown a pass in the league since 2011) and Mark Sanchez getting jobs last year — and retired guys such as Tony Romo and Matt Hasselbeck getting calls — it’s clear the NFL is not in a rush to employ Kaepernick again.When NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was asked about it at the Super Bowl, he reverted to his original explanation, that teams would do what they thought would help them win. That’s ridiculous on its face , with a parade of less-able-to-win quarterbacks securing employment.
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Re: Steelers kicker Chris Boswell has no interest in talking

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