It��s raining, reading

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It��s raining, reading

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It��s raining, reading days. Sitting leisurely in the study room, you can swim in the world of books Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale. In the evening, through the window glass, the rain outside has stopped. The magical and magnificent clouds outside the window attracted me. I thought that there was a text in the hourbook that was called "Fire Burning Cloud". I couldn��t help but appreciate it. So I didn��t appreciate it today. So I moved out of the lounge chair and placed it on the balcony, lying lazily. Take the folding fan in your hand and enjoy the good time outside because it just rained, the air was fresh and moist, and the house was suffocated. Although it has been cleared, the scattered gray-black clouds still occupy most of the sky, while the clouds on the west and overhead are bright and colorful Buying Marlboro Cigarettes Online, bright and dark, smashing, and varied. The people are dizzying and pleasing to the eye. It��s true that there is a saying that ��the sunset is infinitely good��, ��the cloud is in harmony��, ��the cloud is in the evening��, ��the cloud is warm and the fragrant��... These verses are probably written in front of the scene, and the colorful clouds are lightly hung in In the air, I played different pictures for me. In the blue sky over there, gray clouds, with golden rims under the golden sun, and this irregular gold rim is like a golden dragon with claws and claws, patrolling in the gray clouds. A series of clouds here is like "the Eight Immortals crossing the sea", each driving a colorful cloud, flowing elegantly. The clouds there are in a circle, like the plateau surrounded by a clear water, the middle of which is the blue sky, holy and beautiful. The clouds here have turned into misty mountains, mysterious and unpredictable. Seeing that the setting sun is getting red, the colors of the clouds in the sky are becoming more and more vivid and changeable. This reminds me of the great man's verse "Mountain Dance Silver Snake, Original Chi Wax", "Red Dressed, Extraordinary Enchanting", but in fact it is too late. The red gradually dimmed, but the golden color of the sky reminded me of the desert Gobi under the scorching sun Cheapest Newports Cigarettes. This is also the last glory of today, not far from the sound of firecrackers, but the sound of the "shocking thunder" is not louder and full of the sky. The birds in the air seem to be declaring that the night is coming. The annoying mosquitoes also let me pick up the leisure and return to the study Free Carton Of Newport Cigarettes. I suddenly remembered the seven "clouds" of the Tang Dynasty: "Thousands of shapes are still empty, and the mountains are hidden." Heavy. Unlimited dry seedlings are exhausted, and leisurely places a peak." The poet is watching the changes of the times with the anxiety of a long time. To him, Xia Yun��s various poses have no practical significance. On the one hand, the people who are like dry and dry seedlings are about to die Newport Cigarette Price, and they are looking forward to the rain; on the other hand, they are the high-powered people who enjoy leisurely and enjoy themselves in the high places. The poet's full of anxiety and anger makes me feel ashamed, but this rain has eased the drought for many days. Fortunately, the Chinese people are now on the road of prosperity and prosperity, alleviating my mood and beauty at this moment. The clouds are just a moment of beauty and will not last long. The beautiful clouds, if they can't bring people to the rain, will eventually be cast aside. Find your own position in life, race against time, and actively do something real, instead of shouting some beautiful slogans. Dedication gives people a feeling of enrichment in life.
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