"Reading for the rise of China", open

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"Reading for the rise of China", open

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"Reading for the rise of China", open the book with the ink incense, listen to the dialogue of the characters in the book, I read for that faint book fragrance. The book was accompanied by me, one after another, spring, summer, autumn and winter, accompanied by my growth.dulge in fairy tales and feel childlike. I was young, I especially liked to read in the mother's arms and read a beautiful fairy tale. With the story, I walked into the forest of blooming flowers and carnival with Snow White; I walked into the magnificent palace and roamed with the mermaid; I walked to a clear and bright lake and listened to the ugly duckling turned into a swan. Hard work is coming... A sweet sentence in a fairy tale, the colorful world in the fairy tale makes me discover the truth, the goodness and the beauty, and also makes me blame the false and ugly. The sweet book of fairy tales also makes me have a childlike heart and grow up happily.the poetry and enjoy the ancient charm. up slowly, I gradually like to capture the shadow of poetry. Li Bai's romanticism, Du Fu's realistic justice, Su Shi's heroic and handsome, Li Qingzhao's miserable misery Online Cigarettes, all of which make me love. Strolling along the newly sprouted willow tree, a spring breeze blew, and He Zhizhang��s ��I don��t know who the fine leaves are cut out, the spring breeze like scissors�� echoed in my ears. The last peach blossom fell and summer came. "When the sun is warm and the wheat is green, the green grass is full of flowers," I suddenly felt the beauty of summer Carton Of Marlboro Reds. The leaves fell, walked in it Newport Cigarettes, saw a couple, could not help but think of Qin Guan's "If the two feelings are long, they are squatting in the dynasty." Snow flies and winter is coming Cigarettes For Sale. Open the book and realize that Su Dongpo's talent is elegant and bloody Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. Suddenly I felt passionate. As the poetry travels through time and space, the the literary world and feel comfortable. and novels accompanied me to the junior high school era. Looking at Bing Xin's collection of essays, Cao Xueqin's writings of the Jia family's rise and fall, the realization of Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Quan's three countries. That "Star", the "Childhood", the "Spring Water", the "Old Man and the Sea"... These prose novels, with the growth of the book, swim in the literary world, feel comfortable and grow up easily.e book has accompanied me for years and years, and I have grown up with me, let me feel, let me appreciate, and I am full of books in the footsteps of my growth!
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