Maplestory has helped me grow up

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Maplestory has helped me grow up

PostitusPostitas Mmoak2018 » Reede Okt 05, 2018 10:46 am

So, with Maplestories anniversary coming up, I'd like to enter the groove up party with a few questions!How long have you been playing Maplestory??! What do you think about Maplestory?How much have you spent on Maplestory with MapleStory2 Mesos!

I have been enjoying Maplestory since before its 1st anniversary when I was 6 (ikr). There were moments when I've taken a break for a few weeks. But there is Maplestory has helped me grow up, and it's, and likely always will be among the games, in my mind. The neighborhood, its fantastic is awesome and it may be a bit rough round the edges although Obviously it has its defects! (for the most part anyways) but it can be utterly toxic when it needs to be. As'lame' or'nerdy as it seems to some of you, a number of my memories have been around Maplestory and it has helped me. In terms of the part of things, I've spent a bit over $1000 on Maplestory. (I know -_-, I understand ). Anyways that's my side of things, so how about you!

A buddy response:I remember finding maple downloading and creating a character. When the match went down, I reached Lith Harbor, just got done using island and began speaking with the course statues. It went down to get a patch which was. So I began in 2006. I thought the game was amazing I never played with a game . Assessing every nook and cranny, becoming excited discovering new Maplestory 2 items. Attempting to explore new content as it had been released but being leveled ran the risk of dieing and losing that xp that took me so long to get.

Among my fondest walnut memories is Exploring using a guildie"fatherdark" Who will remain on my buddies list always even though he stopped playing years ago. He kept casting cure and tele porting out of the way After we hit the ice hockey drakes believes got sketchy They did massive harm on us. Then we left it to the taurospears.... Two gloomy tombstones immediately dropped to the floor of the map.... Determined, we started trek to the cursed out alter. We were both at 1-4% xp now so we figured wth? Dont have to lose today. Finally we made it after dieng several times and there he was... Jr Balrog. What do we do? We cant kill it... What... Attack!!!!!

After that we decided to walk all of the way. . Run!!!!!!!!!! As it was shiney and new, lolMaples was exciting and fun.

I vividly remember mt first ship journey to orbis. The ship takes off and everybody goes running inside so I followed. People popped in and out then someone said. . lol omg their here!!! I thought... hmmm Whats here so I went to test.... What the Hell are they!!! Aww **** I'mm dead.... lol

I thoroughly enjoyed playing with walnut back afterward Official Site. The match has evovled so much since that time, To think how I would have to attack for a little in HHG then sit on my chair to recover Maplestory HP/MP cause I'd no mesos for pots to now where I could run into lv 100 in no time and likely not use one pot is really crazy.
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Re: Maplestory has helped me grow up

PostitusPostitas Tharmen » Laupäev Veebr 09, 2019 2:30 pm

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Re: Maplestory has helped me grow up

PostitusPostitas versatility » Kolmapäev Mai 29, 2019 4:04 am

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