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Brilliance SF effect of 00 000 to 00 000 years of progressive dissolution of the decomposition,The remaining components, although considered non-toxic and safe as a whole, are on the skin, may "migrate", cause deformity, rosacea, swelling and other side effects; The same thing applies to insoluble charges. Face seals: injections and creams Photo: Dermal fillers: injections and creams Therefore, if biodegradable fillers, now become the most popular option, with the exception of hyaluronic acid, collagen may include, mineral hydroxyapatite (HA), calcium, etc. These fillings are called temporary, until Get White Face months: they, with the exception of the effects on the skin of their components, dissolve completely. smooth the skin, the injections must be repeated:the skin will become younger again, but the discomfort during the procedure is always present; We can call the main disadvantage. There are more advantages, including the possibility of correcting "errors", even if they are rare: if a filling with hyaluronic acid is introduced without success, it is possible to repair it by inserting another support . With insoluble or biosynthetic fillers it will not work: you will need the help of a plastic surgeon. Biodegradable Facial Injections Hyaluronic injections are safe and do not cause side effects, but there .
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